The anticorrosion system ANTICOR Plast has been introduced in 2004 as an original product
of ANTICOR Company. It is A30 class coating which fulfilling the requirements of PN-EN12068 standard. Thanks to high quality of components and easy technology of application and also many important exploitation properties this system was approved by users in Poland and many countries
of Central Europe.

ANTICOR Plast system is used in many industries and branches. These materials are mainly used
in the gas industry, waterworks, petrochemical, air conditioning, shipbuilding and construction industries. They are used in the construction under and above the ground and also under water. This system is particularly recommended for fitting, flange and valve insulation where gasket changing necessity frequently occurred and anticorrosion coating should be removed. The part of anticorrosion mastic is recovered in this case.
ANTICOR Plast system
ANTICOR Plast system contains the following components:
The components of ANTICOR Plast system is produced on the basis of mineral products. They contains also an anticorrosion inhibitors, antioxidants, and a package of special additives which improve adhesion to steel and plastics surface. ANTICOR Plast system has been tested at the Oil and Gas Institute, and is recommended for using in gas industry.

An additional distinguishing feature ANTICOR Plast system of the market is a pleasant, delicate smell which increase a comfort during application.

Based on our long experience we can recommend this system as easy and inexpensive anticorrosion insulation.

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